Our Services

Keeping in mind that with age comes wisdom, we believe in being proactive instead of reactive in response to the challenging health needs that arise for our clients. Our goal, through attentive care and unique, expert assistance, is to extend your loved one's independence and sense of dignity, while helping them work through whatever challenges they are faced with.  Assessing safety and carrying out orders given by medical professionals, such as physicians, attending nurses, and physical therapists, we focus on our clients regaining their self reliance once again.  Each care plan is specifically designed and detailed for our clients.  The services we offer can be combined to assure your loved one's healing and comfort.


Standard Services

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance
  • Medication Reminding
  • Meal preparation/Diet monitoring
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands and Shopping (Incidental transportation)
  • Meaningful companionship
  • Mornings, mid-day, evenings
  • Temporary or Long term
  • Weekends, holidays
  • Respite for family caregivers

Additional Services

  • Clinical Care Services
    (Both RN & LVN's on staff to coordinate care & facilitate medication management)
  • Palliative/ End of Life (Comfort care and Family Support)
  • Client Advocacy
    (Navigation of comprehensive care plan for both immediate and long term goals)
  • Comfort Luxury Care Services:
      - Hair Styling
      - Manicures and Pedicures
      - Massage (both for medical and therapeutic needs)
  • Specially Prepared Meals (addressing special needs, limitations, and taste)
  • Connection Care (social connection via online connections)
  • After Rehabilitation Care (Implement Physical Therapy schedule)

Specializing In Palliative/ End of Life Care

There is one certain thing in life. We have a beginning and we have an end. Our connection within our lifetime to those you closest to you can be the hardest endeavors to embrace. You’re not alone to carry this challenge. Dignified Hope Care is here to assist with all the increased needs at this critical and sensitive time. Knowing what resources to reach out to, and having qualified staff to implement care can put your mind to rest that your family member is being cared for appropriately and compassionately. Maintaining the quality of life is one of the important responsibilities we assume when you entrust us with the care of your loved one. As the patient nears the end of life assisting bed rotation or changing the texture of foods can make it easier to swallow as an example, and these amongst many other details are what exemplifies our qualifications and attentiveness to the demands of change needed. We work with all the local Hospice providers to follow their plan of care, while also giving them the vital details of what assures your love one’s comfort.


Long Term or Temporary Care

At Dignified Hope Care we realize that each individuals level of care and time frame of care is unparalleled. Means of assistance could be needed for just a few hours a day, a couple days a week, or around the clock. We have skilled staff to accommodate the transitions needed based upon what is ideal for your loved one. The level of needs is ever evolving and our service is not based upon business hours. Our commitment to care is that we are responsive to assist; has and always will be a consistent focus to providing the care needed at the time needed. There is no long term contracted commitments in securing our services, our presence is based upon the demand needed. If any adjustments to scheduling are needed you will have a number to call 24hrs a day. Dignified Hope Care will be there based your needs and your approval of the quality of our caregiving.


Specialized Clinical in Home Service

Is your loved one getting the added support of qualified and licensed nurses to manage medications? Don’t be fooled by the phrase medication reminders as meaning that medications are properly being handled or administered. Caregivers can not fill medication trays or administer medications orally, topically, or by injection. Our staff of Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses, are trained to assist clients who have added medication or advanced nursing care needs. Our nurses are able to properly manage medications in home settings; they also are able to administer the medications as well if needed. The will have direct oversight of the qualified caregiving staff, and be sure that the care being provided is being done correctly and within their scope of practice. The nurses of Dignified Hope Care Inc. will have an integral position to help assist communication between physician and your love one. All important medical information is monitored and documented by our staff, if any concern the nurse assigned will be reachable to the care staff 24/7, they will inform both the physician and family. Lastly, we have the qualified staff to handle the care coordination of extended benefits such as long term life benefits to be accounted for with our Nursing Assistance as well.


DHC is a Team

Dignified Hope Care Inc understands that it takes a team effort to provide the superior care your loved one deserves. On going training with care staff is essential with the medical progression of care to our patients. Our Management, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants, Medical Assistants, and Experienced Caregivers work collaboratively with each other to unify the plan of care to be provided. Physicians or Physical Therapist orders are read by qualified nurses so that a detailed plan of care is developed to follow for progress for our caregivers. We also realize combination of care provided by DHC and the patients family can be both ideal and beneficial; so our extension of advise is extended to all involved with care to each of our patients.


Senior Handyman Services

Wanting to stay in your home can mean varied adjustments are needed to maintain independence. Simple fixes such properly secured handle bars, safety rails, ramps, textured flooring, widening doorways, or changing the symmetry of common walkways can make the difference of staying home safely or needing to move to a facility with these accommodations already in place. Adjustments can be made to the home both temporary or permanent. Also some of the everyday maintenance outside can no longer be feasible, yet make the home unsafe or make the home depreciate in value. Dignified Hope Care Inc. has a handyman on staff that can help with these challenges. A complimentary evaluation of handyman need is extended to all our patients if they choose to do so.


Trusting your loved one to be cared for can be one of the most important decisions to make. Between the demands of family, work and household chores, it can be hard to find the answers and information you need to provide the quality care your loved ones deserve. Rest assure you are not alone! Making the decision of whom to entrust can be challenging. Providing comfort, quality, and reassurance are of the utmost importance. Our staff at Dignified Hope Care Inc. are trained, screened, monitored, and are compassionate to the individual care plan of each patient we care for.

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